My 1 Year!! Blogaversary

WOW!  🙂 I can not believe it has been one year! On February 14th 2016, I decided to do something wild and crazy…love me! I decided to do what makes me happy and get myself back. I would often see others getting out there and doing their thing. I was a little envious. It mustContinue reading “My 1 Year!! Blogaversary”

A New Year Crafties!

Happy 2017, World!🎉 It’s that time of the year when we all make resolutions to do something/anything positive for the new year. Then a few months into the new year, we say “Forget it. This is too much.” We’ve all done it. *Raises hand* I’m guilty of it too. I have recently read a tweetContinue reading “A New Year Crafties!”

Everyone Can Use A Break

HELLO WORLD!!!! I’m back. I know that it has been a long time since my last post. I just needed to take a break. I was exhausted and in need of a time out. With being a mom of 3, a wife and a new blogger–life was a little hectic. I wanted to make sure thatContinue reading “Everyone Can Use A Break”

Craft Outside the Box

Have you ever started thinking about your next craft project and thought, “Man. I need to go buy ___” or “I can’t do this project because I need ___.” That’s exactly where I was. I know we all wish we had an endless budget when it comes to our craft rooms and supplies. (I knowContinue reading “Craft Outside the Box”

The Paddle Challenge

Do you know someone in the Navy or Marines? If so, then you have seen one of those cool paddles. Well, I was challenged with getting one for someone that is separating from the Navy. Man are those things pricey! They range between $75 and $200. I just knew that there must be a lessContinue reading “The Paddle Challenge”

Engraving Sensation

February is now coming to a close. Is anyone else a little excited for Spring?! Unless you suffer from allergies-which sucks. Time to open up the windows and invite in new, fresh ideas. It’s a time for Easter celebrations and Spring season sports-that’s soccer for my household. (Soccer moms unite! :-)) How about engraving forContinue reading “Engraving Sensation”