Engraving Sensation

February is now coming to a close. Is anyone else a little excited for Spring?! Unless you suffer from allergies-which sucks. Time to open up the windows and invite in new, fresh ideas. It’s a time for Easter celebrations and Spring season sports-that’s soccer for my household. (Soccer moms unite! :-))

My EK Tool engraver

How about engraving for new and fresh? I received an EK Tools cordless engraver as a Christmas gift from my husband. How cool is that? I have never engraved anything in my life. He just saw it in the crafting tools aisle and grabbed one for me. So, like a kid, I


Always Coca-Cola

immediately started grabbing any and every thing to see if it was engravable. I tried it out on rocks, plastic tupperware, a ceramic mug, a pencil, a glass and a key. I have not used it since…until recently.

When you put it out there in the Universe that you want to try something or refrain from something; it seems that you are given several opportunities to try and excel in that arena. So, I put out there that I want to do more crafting and opportunities galore showed up. Engraving happened to be one of the many arenas.

Mug before

I went out to the mall to pick up a nice going away gift. I decided on a couple of Contigo travel mugs in blue. I had them engraved with a Navy emblem. I asked about having some words added. At $10 per word that sent the price of the mug up to almost $60! There was no way I was going to pay almost $120 for two travel mugs. So, DIY to the rescue!

Final Engraving


First, I found a picture of the saying that I wanted in a brush lettering style-Fair Winds and Following Seas. Next, I penciled it onto the mugs and added an anchor to either side. Finally, I traced it with my engraving tool. It turned out rather nice. Hopefully, the recipients enjoy their custom travel mug.

Until next time…Keep Crafting!

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