My 1 Year!! Blogaversary

WOW!  🙂 I can not believe it has been one year! On February 14th 2016, I decided to do something wild and crazy…love me! I decided to do what makes me happy and get myself back.

I would often see others getting out there and doing their thing. I was a little envious. It must be great to know your God given talent and actually do it. I wanted to figure out where my talents lie. So, I tried a few things: baking, crocheting, and just making stuff. I was able to do it all; however, there was only one I LOVED. Making and crafting things! I always wanted to walk into Michael’s or somewhere and see people buying my stuff. Or designing some of those amazing stamp sets. How cool would that be?!
I did some research and found out that I need to put myself out there, in order to be seen. No better way to do that than a blog and social media…

So, Crafty Lotus was born! 11 posts published with 409 views, 262 visitors and 35 countries! That is AMAZING for MY 1st year.

I have learned a lot over these 12 months. Time management (still working on this), business organization, personal growth…to name a few. I have learned a lot about myself as an artist, crafter, woman, mother and wife. I am learning to be accepting of myself and ALL my glory! 😉

Image result for  gif

Thank you to every- and anyone who has stopped and visited my blog, Crafty Lotus. It has been a great year. I am looking forward to many more!
Until next time….Keep Crafting!

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