A New Year Crafties!

Happy 2017, World!🎉

It’s that time of the year when we all make resolutions to do something/anything positive for the new year. Then a few months into the new year, we say “Forget it. This is too much.” We’ve all done it. *Raises hand* I’m guilty of it too.

I have recently read a tweet from Ms. Iyanla Vanzant that resonated with me. “It’s time to set an intention for your heart’s desire. Then, put your attention on your intention.”

Usually in life, if we intend on doing something…we do it. “I intend on going to the store/mall/party/work.” It, for the most part, gets done. So, this year we should be making the BEST intentions for our life/careers/blogs. Then be sure to put our attention towards making it happen.

For me, what helps is to be able to physically SEE my intentions/goals.

My 2017 Goals/Intentions

 By writing it down, I’m able to visualize and focus on my goals/intentions. Therefore, being able to put my attention on my goals. So, whatever your goal  may be (more family time, get better at Copic coloring, learn new cardmaking techniques, etc), write it down and focus your attention towards it.

Here’s to a more focused year. 🍹 Cheers! Until next time…Keep Crafting!

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