Finding My Me

Just Me

Crafty Lotus. Finding my me through crafting. What does that even mean? Well as a mother and a wife, my life changed tremendously! It revolved solely around my children and my husband. I was slowly being phased out and had no idea that it was even occurring. I looked up and my children were no longer babies! They are now 13, 6 and 4. They no longer needed their mother for everything. My husband always had his thing and his fellas. But me….I am mommy and wife. I needed to find myself. I needed to find my me!


Parks Half Marathon Sept 2015

So, I took to the trails again…running! I joined my local running club, MCRRC. It was great! I felt like I had a purpose. It was fulfilling. I had set some running goals…complete a Half Marathon by the end of a year. I smashed it! I completed my first half marathon, Parks Half Marathon, in just under 2 hours and 30 minutes. But there was still something missing. A void that I needed to fill.

Every since I could remember, I always had a passion for crafts of all kinds. So, during the holiday season, I decided to make a few

A Few of My Cards

Christmas cards to mail out to friends and family. It was great! They were so cute. Then in a short time span of a month, I had created more cards for people: sympathy cards, going away cards and birthday cards. All this card making had really ignited something within. And. I. Loved It!  The next thing I know…I had a few orders for Valentine’s Day cards. What?! People want to buy my creations? Well alright!


This feels right. This is my lane. And so Crafty Lotus was born…and now my journey begins. Thanks for coming along on this exciting journey with me!