April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello Everyone!!! I don’t know how your weather has been. But here in Maryland–we are really feeling Spring. Can we sing together, “Rain, rain go away.” I’m a little over all of this dreary, rainy weather. Silver lining…Flowers! They can be so beautiful. All of the bright colors really bring life to everything.

This week is Staff/Teacher Appreciation week. It was suggested by the PTA, to have the students bring in flowers and cards to show our appreciation. So, I would like to give a big “Hip Hip Hooray” to all of the many teachers, professors and mentors all over the world. The ability to successfully and creatively mold minds, young and old, is a gift beyond measure. We salute you. You are truly appreciated.

I really liked the idea of flowers for my young children’s teachers…especially since they are all women. (For me, giving flowers to a man is a little strange. Just me.) However, it was rather late when I actually remembered the flower part. So, you know what that means–time to get crafty! Paper flowers, here I come.

hyacinth flowersAfter doing a little internet research, I decided on the hyacinth. They are bright in color and seemed to be the quickest to make. 20160502_235113_resizedThe supply list to create these wonderful flowers is so short-9 x 11 construction paper (green and any bright color), wooden skewers, glue and scissors.

First, I covered the wooden skewer in green construction paper. While it was drying, I vertically cut my colorful paper into strips (3 strips per sheet). Next, I created fringe on the strips. Be sure to leave about a 1 cm/0.5 inch edge.

If you have ever curled ribbon, this next step will be a breeze. Warning, don’t get too over zealous. You will lose a fringe or two. As you can see, I lost two. 🙂 20160502_235506_resized

Time to assemble the flower. Add glue to the uncut edge of your curly strip. Slowly wrap it around the skewer. Going too fast on this step will cause the paper to rip.20160502_235639_resized

Lastly, your flower needs some foliage. Cut a thick strip of green construction paper and then roll it up. Cut a little off of each side. Leave about a 1 cm/0.5 inch edge. You are trying to make it resemble a leaf. I used about 5 blades for each flower.20160503_000015_resized

Voila! Paper Hyacinth. All of the teachers absolutely loved them. This would also be cute for Mother’s Day or just any day.  A great idea for someone who can not have real flowers (hospitals) but love them.

Until next time….Keep Crafting!!!


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